Friday, July 6, 2012

symble of careerist

professor mohammad yunus: a man of careerist symbol

Best careerist
Now i will show you  a man who build his career at the age of his middle..he was hard worker and ambitious. he always looking for to do something for the poor pepole. after that he made his career with the poor pepole. worldwide huge pepole are benefited for his theory"micro credet". 
Tutor Muhammad Yunus established that Grameen Bank in Bangladesh on 1983, fuelled by the fact that credit is a elementary human right. His objective was that will poor people escape poverty by giving loans on terms suitable with them and by teaching them just a few sound financial principles to could help themselves.

As a result of Dr. Yunus' personal loan of a small amount of money to destitute craftspeople in Bangladesh with the mid-70s, the Grameen Bank has advanced with the forefront of a growing world movement toward getting rid of poverty through micro-lending. Replicas belonging to the Grameen Bank model operate in a whole lot of country of the universe.

In October 2006, that Norwegian Nobel Committee publicized its decision to designation the Nobel Peace Winning prize to Dr. Yunus and Grameen Bank or investment company "for their efforts for making economic and social creation from below. " That Committee said, "Lasting peace cannot be achieved unless large population groups find ways that to break out in poverty. Microcredit is a great means. "

Born in 1940 with the seaport city of Chittagong, Tutor Yunus studied at Dhaka Institution in Bangladesh, then received a Fulbright scholarship to examine economics at Vanderbilt Institution. He received his Ph. H. in economics from Vanderbilt in 1969 additionally, the following year became a powerful assistant professor of economics within Middle Tennessee State Institution. Returning to Bangladesh, Yunus driving the economics department within Chittagong University.

From 1993 to help you 1995, Professor Yunus was a part of the International Advisory Group in the Fourth World Conference at Women, a post to which inturn he was appointed via the UN secretary general. Brand-new areas such as served on the Intercontinental Commission of Women's Well-being, the Advisory Council designed for Sustainable Economic Development additionally, the UN Expert Group at Women and Finance it is a member of the higher level advisory group on Tips and Communications Technologies (ICT) belonging to the United Nations.

Professor Yunus is definitely the recipient of numerous world-wide awards for his options and endeavours, including Ramon Magsaysay Designation (1984); Mohamed Shabdeen Designation for Science (1993), Sri Lanka; Humanitarian Designation (1993), GOOD CARE, USA; World Food Winning prize (1994), Universe Food Prize Foundation, AMERICA; Independence Day Award (1987), Bangladesh's strongest award; Sydney Peace Winning prize (1998), Quarterly report Peace Foundation; King Hussein Humanitarian Management Award (2000), Emperor Hussein Foundation, Jordan; Volvo Surrounding Prize (2003), Volvo Surrounding Prize Foundation, Sweden; Nikkei China Prize for Regional Improvement (2004), Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Okazaki, japan; Franklin D. Roosevelt Versatility Award (2006), Roosevelt Institute belonging to the Netherlands; the Seoul Silence Prize (2006), Seoul Silence Prize Cultural Foundation, Seoul, Korea; additionally, the Nobel Peace Prize (2006), Norwegian Nobel Panel, Norway.


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